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Headphones are one of the most important gadgets for our daily purpose; starting from our morning walk companion to midnight relaxation. Previously, the first name that came in our mind while talking about headphones was JBL, but as many new brands emerged along with time, it has somehow lost its popularity. Despite this, JBL still makes some great audio gadgets which are undoubtedly worth your price. Below is the list of top 5 JBL creations along with their price:


JBL Live 650 BTNC

JBL Live 650 BTNC

The BTNC JBL Live 650 has the best combination of sound, battery life, and comfort. Let’s talk about their strong suit, therefore: battery life. The battery lasts 30 hours on a single charge. Unfortunately, for charging, they use the older Micro-USB connector, which is not ideal in 2020, where most gadgets are now using USB-C. 

It has its bass boosted but the rest of the sound is still great and balanced. The soundstage is somehow mediocre, making the music sound somehow unnatural.  

This headphone features active noise cancelation having an ambient sound mode. Also, it is really comfortable without any tiredness or discomfort when you put it on. The ear cups are folded and swivel to lay flat. But the earcups may get warm after extended use of the headphones. This is one of the best sellers of JBL. You can have it if money is not your constraint.

  • JBL Signature Sound
  • 30 Hours Battery Life; 2 Hours Recharging Time
  • Bluetooth technology.Bluetooth version: V4.2
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Ambient Aware and TalkThru Technology

JBL Live 400BT

JBL Live 400BT

It was once a very popular and common on-ear headphone, but still now it is pretty good as an audio gadget, without total isolation. 

They have a great combination of harmony and a loud noise. It has a balanced sound signature, with their slightly improved bass. The bass response is highly inconsistent, thanks to their on-ear configuration. The soundstage is small and separation of individual instruments is not satisfactory.

It has 24 hours of battery life with just a single charge. The drawback is: they do not have ay kind of fast charging method, which means you need to wait 2 hours for an empty battery to be fully recharged. Even, the Live 400BT charges over Micro-USB, which isn’t ideal as the world transitions to USB-C.

The comfort is good, thanks to the on-ear style. They are super compact and lightweight, and easy to use. More than likely, the ear cup would come into contact with the top of your head, as the cups are not that large. Fortunately, you won’t have any problems on your ear with warmth or pain against your head ‘s crown. It is super easy to tuck away when you’re finished using them in your bag. It is pretty decent when it comes to price.

  • JBL Signature Sound
  • 24 Hours Battery Life | 2 Hours Recharging Time
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Comfort-fit fabric headband
  • Ambient Aware and TalkThru Technology
  • Compare with similar items

JBL Endurance Sprint Wireless

JBL Endurance Sprint Wireless

They are the perfect workout buds, with their water resistance rating IPX7. It means the earbuds can withstand puddle, sweat, rain or snow exposure. The only thing they aren’t perfect for is swimming, which is not possible for most of the worldly headphones. 

This has got a pleasant signature to the voice. While the mid tones are recessed, the bass and treble are boosted a ton. This creates a very piercing, sharp sound that, after a few minutes of listening, might create discomfort for delicate ears. However, dynamic range is excellent and soundstage is average.

Its battery life on a single charge is up to nine hours, which is pretty decent. There is no quick charging and they are charging over Micro-USB, which means you will be looking at only two hours to recover until they cease out.

It has got really comfortable in-ear earbuds. In addition to being in-ear earbuds, this allows the Endurance Sprint Wireless to loop around your ear so that they do not fall even if you jump or dance like crazy. It provides adequate protection to the headphones. The price is pretty much decent, compared to other headphones.

  • JBL signature sound
  • 8 hours of wireless playback with speed charge battery
  • Maghook
  • Touch controls
  • Hands-free calls

JBL E55BT Wireless

JBL E55BT Wireless

These headphones have a unique duo of style and sound. It has a strong and boosted bass, with the mid tone marginally improved, matching the treble and making a powerful sound as the outcome.

These are super comfortable for comparatively smaller ears. They have got a set of extra over-ear headphones, but the cups are still smaller than other headphones. But for large ears, these headphones are a big no if you are looking for comfort. 

Battery life is decent on a single charge, with up to 20 hours. The earbuds aren’t capable of charging quickly, which means that if you have a dead battery, you’ll wait around two hours. Unfortunately, you’re just stuck for charging with Micro-USB, with no C-port charging. If you have got small ears with no money factors and looking for comfort, then this is your thing.

  • JBL E55BT Over-Ear Wireless Headphones Black OPEN BOX

JBL Tune T120TWS True Wireless

JBL Tune T120TWS True Wireless

If you are in search for the all-in-one kind of wireless gadget, but still a loyal customer for JBL, The this is your thing. In terms of sound quality, they get quite a bit boosted by the bass, having their mid tones and trebles balanced, resulting to a warm sound. 

The Tune T120TWS True Wireless is fantastic, in terms of comfort. This is also for those who have small ears. You won’t feel any sort of pain or exhaustion from them.

With battery life, you’ll get four hours of audio playback on the buds themselves, with the charging case adding an extra 12 hours, netting you a total of 16 hours of battery life, which is by no means bad. You’ll also get fast charging, adding an extra hour of charging time on the case with a 15-minute charge. Sadly, they have got their mainstream Micro USB charging port here as well. If you are not a fan of loud sound and bass, then this is what you need to add to your gadget list.

  • JBL Pure Bass Sound
  • Truly Wireless
  • Hands-free Stereo Calls. Dynamic frequency response range (Hz) – 20Hz – 20kHz. Charging time (hours from empty)- <2hrs from empty. Play time (hours)- 4hrs with BT on
  • 4H Playback for Earbuds + 12H for Charging Case
  • Affordable Stylish Design

Overall, the JBL audio gadgets are of great comfort, ease and with good long battery life. The audio quality varies from headphone to headphone, but on an average is pretty decent. If you do not have a price constraint, then JBL audio gadget is a must have for you and your ultimate brand.

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