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Imagine, you’ve got an abundant green grass filled playground right in front of your house without any playing equipment for your kids. Seems bland, right? For making your playful kids even happier, nothing can get better than a plastic slide in your playground. Here are the top 10 plastic slides that are safe to use and ideal ones for your kids.


1. Little Tikes Easy Storage Large Plastic Slide

Little Tikes Easy Storage Large Plastic Slide

When buying one of those items, the security of the plastic slide must be the first priority. This is a safe and comfortable slide, ideally suited for youngsters. This is because the slide has a large base with the support for locking. 

This provides massive support and stability. Second, the slide is setting up smoothly, too. You don’t need any setup tools. The slide, which is of 5- feet in length, was designed specifically for the children. It can support children of various ages; hence, it is an excellent choice for all children. It also features simple steps to climb, plus a gentle slope.

Key Features:

  • Quick fixing
  • 5 feet in length  
  • Gentle slope
  • Profound base

2. Step2 Naturally Playful Folding Plastic Slide

Step2 Naturally Playful Folding Plastic Slide

This is an outstanding slide with an overall weight capacity of 50 lbs and can be used by different children. The slide is very robust and offers as much fun as predicted. For long-term usage, the wide array keeps it balanced and convenient. 

This also features a double-wall coating, as well as a configuration. This will have the most extended service of any time. The plastic slide flips quickly to allow for storage. It is also waterproof and can be used in multiple places. The slide features the large slide bars, and other handle grips to help the child climb.

Key Features:

  • Maximum capacity: 50 lbs
  • Double-wall resin construction
  • Easy and quick folding and assembling 

3. American Plastic Toy Folding Slide

American Plastic Toy Folding Slide

It is one standard and long-lasting folding slide which will support the younger for years. The slide is exceptionally secure, as it has a wide support base. Secondly, transparency also has guidelines for this and uses grips for fast ascending. This makes it incredibly safe and ideal for multiple children. 

The reliable and stable can carry up to 42 lbs at most. This is why it’s recommended within the specified age range for different children. In addition to this, the slide also folds easily to facilitate safety. It can also be installed, without any devices, in minutes. Given the top-notch specifications, this is a budget-friendly plastic slide.

Key Features:

  • Highest safety and stability
  • Maximum capacity of 42 lbs
  • Easy and quick folding and assembling 

4. Swing-N-Slide Wave Plastic Slide, Yellow

 Swing-N-Slide Wave Plastic Slide, Yellow

It is one quality plastic slide that will give you some savings when you need to save some cash on your budget. It’s a superior slide, given the low price, that will provide the best service for as long as possible. The slide’s unique wave design makes it perfect because it allows for the users with pleasure.


Moreover, the wave slide is very safe and was certified by the ASTM. It is recommended for residential use in the backyard, providing a perfect playground look for the children. The plastic slide is of free size and can be fixed to approximately 4.6 inches or 5.0 inches; hence it is a good option for the girls.

Key Features:

  • ASTM approved
  • Wave design
  • Unique scoop
  • Budget-friendly

5. Little Tikes Junior Plastic Play Slide

Little Tikes Junior Plastic Play Slide

If you need the perfect plastic slide to improve children’s agility, coordination, and balance, you need to check this out. The plastic slide was designed to keep the children healthy and foster equilibrium in a specific way. This also assembles relatively quicker, as the deployment does not require tools. 

Besides this, the play slide features wide steps and a broad base, which helps provide the best stability. The kids will always stay healthy when they play with this. This quickly folds to allow storage and portability, too. It is relatively light in weight; therefore, it can be used in various places.

Key Features:

  • Regulates balance and fitness
  • Wide steps
  • Portable

6. Step2 Big Folding Plastic Slide, Pink

Step2 Big Folding Plastic Slide, Pink

It is a vast range you’ll never want to skip for the ultimate plastic slide for kids aged two and above. The plastic slide is still secure to the young one because it features the sure-grip handles and strong sidebars. It should give the kid a lot of comfort in climbing. 

Besides this, it also assembles more quickly since you don’t need tools to complete the installation. This also quickly folds to allow for secure storage. Thanks to its lightweight, the stylish plastic slide is portable; therefore, it can be used away from home. Built to last with BPA-free plastic, this makes it a perfect pick.

Key Features:

  • High side rails
  • Firm grip handles
  • Portable 
  • Foldable
  • Two years+

7. Cool Wave Plastic Slide, Green by Swing-N-Slide

Cool Wave Plastic Slide, Green by Swing-N-Slide

This is a perfect selection that can support up to 250 lbs; therefore, suitable for children and adults. This plastic consistency slide is excellent and provides the most extended service life ever. It’s suggested to use in the backyard at home to provide great fun for the entire family. 

In addition, the standard plastic slide can be conveniently placed on slide platforms of 42-inches to 50-inches. This will keep you safe and steady, as you enjoy quality time on this slide. It also comes in various colors.

Key Features:

  • 250 lbs weight limit
  • Plastic body 
  • Various colors
  • 42 to 50 inches platforms

8. Costzon Folding Indoor Plastic Play Slide

Costzon Folding Indoor Plastic Play Slide

You can now teach your kid how to play on the slide with this particular and safe plastic slide. It is a smooth slide featuring a gentle sloop and quick steps to climb. That will allow the babies to enjoy a lot of fun on the slide. 

The healthy and robust slide is created with non-toxic PE content. This is baby healthy and does not have any side effects. Besides this, while not in use, the slide is easy to fold and store. This will carry up to 110lbs, which is better for the child as he develops.

Key Features:

  • 110 maximum lbs
  • Highly durable
  • Ensures maximum safety
  • Smooth gliding and easy folding

9. Swing-N-Slide Summit Plastic Slide

Swing-N-Slide Summit Plastic Slide

The plastic slide structure needs to be one of the main features to remember when you make the purchase. You are assured of a long term service with this high-quality slide. That is because the slide was made using durable, non-toxic, and high-density polyethylene material. 

It can be mounted to great fun on the 4-inch frame. The plastic slide is capable of supporting up to 250 lbs, which makes it suitable for various users. The baby can use it as it grows, and the parents will use it too. Besides that, the slide comes with a lifetime warranty.

Key Features:

  • 4-inch platform 
  • Maximum capacity of 250 lbs
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Highly durable

10. Little Tikes Blue/Red First Plastic Slide

Little Tikes Blue/Red First Plastic Slide

You’ll consider this a favorite choice when you need the perfect plastic slide recommended for beginners. The slide was designed to accommodate children up to 6 years old from 18 months. Because of this, it will fit the baby just as expected for a very long time. 

Other than this, the plastic slide is about three feet long, and the baby should find it difficult to climb with the steps and handle grips. The slide will still fold in for quick storage. It has a foldable design making it practical. It also features a broad foundation, offering more significant support and stability. Cost is now discounted, so a great pick for you.

Key Features:

  • Three feet long
  • Foldable design
  • Large base
  • Handrails

If your kids love playing on the playground on a beautiful sunny morning, nothing can beat these slides. Choose any one from the above, and instantly bring a smile on their faces!

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