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Everybody want to be healthy, but nobody wants to be easy with the rules for BEAUTIFUL HEALTHY LIFE. This is a strange habit of human being. To be BEAUTIFUL HEALTHY LIFE, either we don’t have to fight, or have to do hard work, just have to change some habits in our daily life. Maybe it is hard to think, but actually it is easy.

All of us have to eat for living. Now the most important is Don’t eat too much but eat regularly balanced and nutritious foods as far as possible. Avoid burned or overcooked foods, take foods with higher fibre, such as wholewheat, brown rice, potatoes with skins. Reduce white salt & sugar for weight loss, sweep away smoking and alcoholic items.

It is a big mistake that if anyone think not taking food will help to lose body weight. It will make diseases and have to suffer and it is not good for BEAUTIFUL HEALTHY LIFE. We should eat regularly more or less.


 At first, Don’t miss breakfast. A wholegrain lower sugar cereal with cup of milk and a fruit is tasty and healthier for breakfast. Eat meat (beef or mutton) too little, because it has too much saturated fat that increase blood cholesterol. To get rid of belly fat, it is necessary. Take fishes in food menu at lunch as it is good source for protein and it contains vitamins & minerals. We know that oily fish have omega-3 fat, which help to prevents heart diseases. At dinner, take foods a little for eat. Focus & enjoy the various types of vegetables & fruits. Eating more vegetables and fruits have lower risk for heart diseases, obesity or other illness. Don’t get thirsty, drink some water especially before taking meals. I will say that we should drink water before and after 30 minutes from taking food. It helps to digest foods. Minimum two liters of water is ideal for a day to drink.


Sleep well enough regularly. Try to sleep minimum 6 hours in a day. You have gone to sleep, but it is too far. What should you do? I am not asking about medicine, try to avoid it. Sometimes walking before sleep, help to fall asleep quicker. Meditation is also effective to sleep. In bed, you may take various technique to fall asleep, such as you count 999 to 1. Generally, you will fall asleep before counts on 500. Try to go early to bed and early to rise.

Get on move, make it a habit. Do some physical exercise. No need to go to gym, unless you want to be a body builder, muscle man or something like that. Jogging, swimming, morning walk, light exercise at morning can make you easier to be BEAUTIFUL HEALTHY LIFE.

A noble man told, “Don’t fill-up your stomach ever, fill one-third of stomach with foods, another one-third for water and rest of stomach keep empty.” It makes sense! We should not live to eat, just eat to live.

Don’t think too much! just start now.


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